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Speeding up your Git learning

The quest for instant answers

git add HelloWorld.txt

Whether you've just finished watching an insightful Git tutorial, read the Git book or have been using Git for a while, sometimes you just need to remember the syntax for what you want to do.

Option 1: General web search

git help yourself

Usually, you would search the web for some answers.

You would then have to skim through several websites, closing those annoying pop-up windows about cookie policies, ads, newsletter subscriptions and before you go messages, until you eventually find what you were looking for.

In my opinion, this experience is less than ideal, as it takes valuable time from you.

Option 2: Traditional Cheat Sheet websites

git log --grep="Where is my answer?"

There are plenty of great Git Cheat Sheets out there, so why create another one?

Well, traditional cheat sheets typically rely on your visual acuity, or your browser's CTRL+F function to find the proper Git commands for your use case, and that's not ideal either, as there needs to be an exact match between your search terms and the written answer.

Option 3: Instant answers by

git commit -m " is awesome!"

In order to improve this experience, I took most of my spare time in the last year to create the only cheat sheet with search-as-you-type functionality that I know of.

The search feature adapts to your choice of words, being aware of synonyms, supporting search terms in any order and recognizing typos.

The content on this website is NOT automatically taken from random websites via bots or AI.

My focus is on quality over quantity, so instead, the commands are carefully cherry-picked from the documentation or trusted websites and described based on personal experience working with Git.

Links to the relevant documentation are also provided for each answer, so that you can learn more about the topic.

Thank you!

git push

I hope this clutter-free website will become your go to place when searching for essential Git commands.

If you find this website useful and appreciate the time and effort invested in creating and maintaining it, it helps me tremendously if you can share and/or talk about it with your programmer friends.

Also, if you have the time, it would motivate me even more if you can message me with feedback about your experience using it.


Sorin Anton